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Dispatching Procedures

The Dispatcher When Dispatching a Work Order Will Advise the Person of the following :what is a union?

  • Name of the Contractor
  • Location of the Jobsite and Map
  • Starting Time
  • Type of Work
  • Drug Test, If Applicable
  • Rate of Pay

All Cement Masons Dispatched must Have (2) Identifications, Current Drivers License, Social Security Card or Citizen ID Card.

It is the Responsibility of the Cement Mason to inform the Dispatcher That He/She Is Unqualified to Do the Work So That the next Person in Line May Have the Chance to Receive the Work Order

The Cement Mason Who Receives a Work Order must Comply with the Following:

  • Any Member Accepting a work Order He/She must Report to the Jobsite
  • Once You Receive a Dispatch Slip for the Business Agent, Your Obligation Is to Be Able to Perform the Work for the Whole Day
  • You must Be Prepared to Do the Work
  • You must be Dressed for Work (No Shorts or Tennis Shoes)
  • You must be Qualified and Competent to Perform the Work Requested by the Contractor

Failure to Comply with the above May Result in a Citation Against the Member