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What is a Cement Mason?

what is a mason?

Cement masons and concrete finishers place and finish the concrete. They also may color concrete surfaces: expose aggregate in walls and sidewalks; or fabricate concrete beams, columns and panels. In preparing a site for placing concrete, cement masons first set the forms for holding the concrete and properly align them.

After the concrete has been leveled and floated, concrete finishers press and edger between the forms and the concrete and guide it along the edge and the surface. This produces slightly rounded edges and helps prevent chipping or cracking. They use a special tool called a “groover” to make joints or grooves at specific intervals that help control cracking. Next, finishers trowel the surface using either a powered or hand trowel.

They then direct the casting of the concrete. Immediately after leveling the concrete, masons carefullysmooth the concrete surface with a “bull-float”, a long handled tool about 8 by 48 inches that covers the coarser materials in the concrete and brings a rich mixture of fine cement paste to the surface.