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Creed of a Concrete Man

Concrete is my business. My future welfare and well-being of my family depend on the quality of the work I do. I have chosen concrete out of all the construction materials of the earth as the one in which to specialize. I have done this because I feel that concrete is a material of integrity. Mixed and placed with understanding hands, concrete will not fail. Therefore, the work I do well now will survive and serve long after I am gone.


Concrete walls impound billions of gallons of water for relief of a thirsty desert, or hold safe from spoilage and rodents millions of bushels of life-giving grain. Concrete bridges the broadest rivers and holds back devouring floods from cities and towns. Concrete towers rear their proud heads toward the blue. Concrete shafts and tunnels pierce the black depths of the earth or penetrate beneath the waters. Concrete builds a safe pathway for the darting miracles of steel, chromium and glass which link our cities and towns. For my customers a concrete home will protect and safeguard their loved ones from the dragons of fire or the rending violence of storms day and night, in all seasons, in all climates. Concrete is strong.

For the architects whom I serve, concrete is a design medium with which they can create structures of beauty and charm, or rare delicacy and sturdy utility. Future generations will enjoy the things we of today have wrought of concrete for it is a material of integrity and will endure. Because I respect and love this material, I can serve my country, my community and those to come after me by doing my work intelligently and honestly, thus creating useful things that endure.


Concrete is my business!
I am proud of it, and I am proud to be a